The technologies that will have a huge impact in 2017

The technologies that will have a huge impact in 2017

Experiencing digital revolution is truly something remarkable. From automation, Artificial intelligence, machine learning to smart home technologies everywhere a huge advancement is taking place. There is more to come in the future and nothing can stop it as the seeds of development have already started growing.

Here we will be highlight three important technologies that will stay updated in the year 2017.


•    AI and machine learning-

Both these platforms have already been established in various facets of work.  Companies like Google and Microsoft have AI services in the cloud server. AI is now the most talked about technology. But according to experts, the usage of AI and Ml will be more in this year.  Many technological giants like HP, Intel are focusing on ML which is escalating the competition. These two platforms involve various kinds of technologies like deep learning, neural networks, language processing and also assist organizations to make strategic decisions.  Few case studies conducted sometimes back revealed that in the coming up days both these platforms will dominate more or less every sector like transport, finance, education etc.  The year 2018 will show a better influence of both these technological platforms in different industries.


•    Intelligent Apps

These apps have superior integrated capabilities like virtual personal assistants and ML which are much productive. It has made a human task easier and quicker with its features.  The product virtual customer assistant is the most enterprising one that organizations are using for the customer service and sales. According to a survey, around 200 big conglomerates of the world will be taking the help of intelligent apps to reframe the workings of big data and analytical tools for a better service to the customers.


•    IoT and smart home technology

This is having an excess demand in the recent years. The smart home revenue in the United States is huge and calculates up to $14.6 billion in 2017. This technology provides a versatile facility to people.  Starting from security to entertainment all the functionalities are done through this technology.  Big companies like Google and Amazon are also involved in the smart home space and are selling products which are adding in building up the smart home concept.


Science is unstoppable and with time there will be more such things that will transform the world in such a way that even imagination may fall short but sooner it will turn out to be possible. 

How can digital marketing transform the marketing strategy of an organization?

In this contemporary age, digital marketing is the core strength behind every successful business venture. Be it a product or servicing industry all are a part of digital marketing strategy.

Innovation is what people look after at every step. In business, a new idea is always welcome for a better prospect. Going digital is the best way to maintain the existence in the market.

Customers are now completely into the digital world for every activity in their life. Starting from social interaction to shopping of daily needs everything can be done on the online platform.

The main agenda of going digital is to make the promotion and branding more viable for an organization. At first it is cost effective and secondly, it has a huge reach to the customers.

In a nutshell, digital marketing is the most comprehensive method to make marketing work better for a company.

Digital communication has certain tools by which it delivers the strategies. Among many SEO is the strongest and it highly effective in the recent times. Search engine operation makes a brand reach millions of customers around the world in a limited time period.

Before moving on with the concept of SEO it will be better to explain a little more about digital communication. Every company needs a promotional strategy to place its product properly in the market. Positioning is the most important aspect for the growth of both the product and the brand. The digital platform makes the best position of a product in a very short span of time. The most appreciable element of digital communication is the reach to the customers.

A launch of a new product if done through digital communication can get the best response as people will get to know it immediately. Social media, pay per click advertising, online, banner ads, Google ads, blogs and various other materials are used to make the event viable.

Henceforth to make marketing work in the best way it is always better to undergo some innovative and productive strategies of digital communication. Among all SEO is the best vehicle to use for better work.

What is search engine optimization?

In a very lucid language, search engine optimization is the practice of increasing quantity and quality of traffic to a website through the method of organic search results. Through this method, a company can reach to millions of customers at a time. SEO is the most user-friendly tool for an organization.

There are important attributes which make SEO such powerful medium for digital marketing.

  • Good quality of traffic- With the help of SEO, an organization can gain some good quality traffic to its website. When the search begins at Google it automatically makes your company know to the people. People who are interested in buying some product will get to know about your company just by clicking on the search button.
  • Good quantity of traffic- Once people get to know about your company on the search engine they will start looking for it time and again. This will increase the traffic rate of your website.
  • Organic traffic- The ads which come along captures a huge portion of many search engine pages. For such traffic, there is no need of any payment.

Over the years, search engine optimization has been successful in making digital marketing worthwhile for an organization.

When it comes to digital marketing than investment in SEO is the most vital thing that every company should do. Over the years the concept of SEO has been misinterpreted but eventually, it has shown tremendous result and now it is the most talked about digital strategy. A research conducted a few years back has shown that SEO brings a better return in compare to television and print ads.

Why should a company invest on SEO?

Visibility and branding- This is an essential feature for a company to do business in the market. Every company needs brand recognition for future business. According to marketing giants, ‘A customer never really buys a product they always buy a brand’. A company should always focus on the brand. SEO makes the brand highly viable among the consumers. The website traffic is one of the most commendable factors for brand awareness. SEO makes a brand highly visible in the search engine.

Brings a good amount of business credibility- Good SEO strategies helps a company to get recognized in the Google search engine. This, in turn, enhances the image and credibility of an organization in the market. Along with proper branding, SEO is also involved in building up the image of an organization. A company can gain huge brand credibility by doing SEO marketing.

Great return on investment- When it comes to digital marketing the amount of investment is quite low in comparison to the rest.On the contrary, an organization can earn a huge return on the investment. In the digital platform there is hardly any investment but if executed properly it can bring a huge amount for the company. SEO being one of the strongest tools of digital marketing can give a great return on its investment.

It helps to judge your customers- The SEO marketing helps I n getting into the insight of your customer. The Google analytics tracks the traffic which helps in knowing the search pattern of the customer. How are they searching? What are they searching? Etc.

SEO has been the most systematic way to promote digital campaigning for an organization. In the recent times, every organization is doing advertising campaign through online media. SEO helps in making the campaign more viable and better.

Digital marketing has innumerable ways by which it can promote a brand. SEO is the most trusted way by which a company can make a better position in the virtual world.

In a conclusion, it can be said that digital marketing has no alternative in the recent years. Be it a big organization or small business house everyone has to get indulge in this process. Digital marketing is the future of business.

Blogs and Content on Digital marketing

Be it SEO or social media campaign every bit of marketing style needs a good amount of content to make it successful. Content is the fundamental element of digital marketing. The content consists of the message that a company wants to give to its target audience. The content can be in the form of blog, articles, product description or simply advertising copy.

In the digital platform, people love to read. It is essential for a company to make people read about their product and brand. Every digital marketing strategy contains a huge amount of content for the people.

Blogs are the core strength in SEO marketing. Let’s discuss on how a blog helps to create a better digital presence of a company in the market.

At first, it should be informed that blogs are all about infotainment. Along with information, it provides a little bit of entertainment for the people. People read a blog to enjoy the process of reading not just for the sake of getting hardcore information.

  • Just like SEO it generates a huge amount of traffic- Every time a blog gets posted it increases the one more page on the website. It gives a better opportunity to the company to show up their product or brand more in the search engine. People get to know more about it. On the other side, it helps to make a website active in the search engine. It is very important to enhance your digital media presence at every step. Blog content helps in making a brand more viable on the internet. Along with this a blog content also helps in managing the social media presence. Instead of thinking about different types of social media writing one can insert quality blogs for social media promotion. It is also mandatory for a company to have a good hold on the social media. The new age customers are highly influenced by the concept and working of social media. For these people, it is necessary to insert some good quality attractive content on various social media pages. In this way, a blog slowly increases the traffic of a website on the internet.
  • Establishing authority- Any kind of blog helps in establishing an authority on the internet. If a company puts good quality blogs on the internet which are actually preferred by the customers then it builds an authority over the people. It is always better if a company can provide blogs various curious talked about topics. This gives the customers a better way to build a trust in the organization and henceforth the image gets better. Establishing an authority is simple to build up a trust and preference for the company. If a customer feels good to read a blog over a period of time then automatically he or she will develop a trust in the organization.
  • Long term results- Blogs always creates a long term result for the consumers. Blog writing helps in creating a great long-term value among the customers. A person may like a blog and it will stay with him for a longer time. Along with that, the name of the company will also stay in his mind. It creates a long time effect on the customers. In this way, every company indulges itself in blog writing in the digital marketing.

In this way, a blog has been a major development in the area of digital marketing. Every company posts a blog while operating digital marketing for its product. This is the strongest tool for effective communication.

Getting good business is the main motive of every organization. There are innumerable ways to fetch business in the market. In the recent times, the digital platform has been the most accepted way to make business over a period of time.

As said earlier that promotion is the most highlighted factor in an organization. A business needs a good amount of promotion for its success. Digital marketing is the biggest strength in making a huge promotion of a product in the market. SEO is one such tool which has made every promotional activity better with time.

Apart from SEO, there is another important element that also plays a major role in enhancing the image of the brand and that is social media. This is the most talked about the platform in the recent years.

Consumers are highly active on social media throughout the day. The companies have left no stone unturned in managing the social media to gain better consumer response.

Facebook is the greatest strength of a company in the social media realm. Often we can see companies promoting their products on the social media sites. This helps people to know about the brand and get socially active by subscribing to their page.

Social media marketing is a little bit different than the rest. Over here one has to post things by making it more creative and persuasive. Social media is the space for short and crisp writing. A company should indulge in providing short and witty content on social media.

Apart from content, there is visual which plays a major role in social media. Visual images are highly used to attract the customers towards the brand. Along with the content, it is very important put a visual imagery. Social media is the most active and persuasive medium for a brand

This is the time where every business aspect is changing. At every step, you will notice a change and people has to deal with that change.

To keep pace with the changing scenario companies are coming up with innovative strategies to work better on their side. Digital marketing is the strongest support system for all the marketing needs of an organization.

Every organization should start working on the best digital strategy to make their brand more viable and remembered among the consumers. In this current situation, there is no alternative to digital marketing. This is the best method that can be adopted for better business growth.