The technologies that will have a huge impact in 2017

The technologies that will have a huge impact in 2017

Experiencing digital revolution is truly something remarkable. From automation, Artificial intelligence, machine learning to smart home technologies everywhere a huge advancement is taking place. There is more to come in the future and nothing can stop it as the seeds of development have already started growing.

Here we will be highlight three important technologies that will stay updated in the year 2017.


•    AI and machine learning-

Both these platforms have already been established in various facets of work.  Companies like Google and Microsoft have AI services in the cloud server. AI is now the most talked about technology. But according to experts, the usage of AI and Ml will be more in this year.  Many technological giants like HP, Intel are focusing on ML which is escalating the competition. These two platforms involve various kinds of technologies like deep learning, neural networks, language processing and also assist organizations to make strategic decisions.  Few case studies conducted sometimes back revealed that in the coming up days both these platforms will dominate more or less every sector like transport, finance, education etc.  The year 2018 will show a better influence of both these technological platforms in different industries.


•    Intelligent Apps

These apps have superior integrated capabilities like virtual personal assistants and ML which are much productive. It has made a human task easier and quicker with its features.  The product virtual customer assistant is the most enterprising one that organizations are using for the customer service and sales. According to a survey, around 200 big conglomerates of the world will be taking the help of intelligent apps to reframe the workings of big data and analytical tools for a better service to the customers.


•    IoT and smart home technology

This is having an excess demand in the recent years. The smart home revenue in the United States is huge and calculates up to $14.6 billion in 2017. This technology provides a versatile facility to people.  Starting from security to entertainment all the functionalities are done through this technology.  Big companies like Google and Amazon are also involved in the smart home space and are selling products which are adding in building up the smart home concept.


Science is unstoppable and with time there will be more such things that will transform the world in such a way that even imagination may fall short but sooner it will turn out to be possible.