Website Content

Website Content

Seldom can you find an organization without a website. In the recent years, every company has its own website which is the window of an organization. Customers go through a website of a company before buying its products or using its service.

No website is complete without proper content. The content part is said to be the backbone of building a website as it narrates everything about your company to the customers.

Web content should always be very lucid and informative. It should be written in such a way that every people can read it and understand the core facts. The writing pattern should follow a particular structure and no matter what it should never leave behind the vital information.

The core pages in a website that should be looked after at regular intervals in term of putting information are

Home- The page which gets displayed as soon the web page opens. This page should create the interest in a viewer. Based on the presentation of this page, the viewer will redirect to the other subpages.

About us- This section deals completely with the company profile. In short, it narrates what the company was, how it is doing right now and what is the future of the organization? Some impactful content makes the page much more viable.

Blog writing

Blog writing is something which intrigues everyone. Be it a personal blog or a blog for a company people read everything. More than a newspaper article people are reading blogs on the internet. For the last five years, the importance of blog writing has developed more and more.

A company creates a blog for its readers. There are people who love to read about different things and this is known to every company while doing a customer research. A company creates a blog profile on its website and it is updated with various topics at regular intervals. Customers subscribe the blog chapter and get to read very interesting things some are known and many are unknown.

We at ARB create blogs for both individual and other organization. Our writing team makes sure that the blogs are simple, interesting and informative. Talking about topics we try to get diversified every day and give something new to our readers.

Our blogs are never boring it pumps you up every time you read.

Article writing

Though newspaper article still creates a different impact on readers yet online articles are making way in the recent years. Article writing is about discussing an issue. People love to discuss and articles create a space for discussion.

Our team has this hunger for news at every instant. We try to bring for you the best stories possible. Usually, we write articles for brands. There are companies which publishes different types of articles in various platforms of new media. We are associated with some of the reputed companies which have bestowed their trust on our writing.

Diversification is our core strength. We have been successful in presenting many outstanding articles for various companies which are still now talked about.

Almost all the member of our team is from a literature background and that makes them more capable of producing some finest work for the client.

Product descriptions for E-commerce

The shopping experience is now completely based on different e-commerce sites that we have. People hardly try the retail outlets for shopping. The Internet has come a long way and now with e-commerce, it has reached a different level.

A product description is something which intrigues every individual who is into online shopping. Every individual before buying a product goes through the entire description and based on that they decide their buying.

PD as we call it is the most fundamental element for online selling. No product can be sold online without a proper summarized description. Companies who are selling it know that how much effective a description can be.

The entire summarized writing consist of various things like:

  • About the quality of the product
  • Benefits of the product
  • Ingredients of the product
  • Features of the product
  • Both qualitative and quantitative analysis is also done.

The content development team at ARB Software serves many clients with the help of product descriptions. Be it any product our team is ready to give your product a proper shape with words and phrases.

Press Release

A pressrelease is very important in terms of promotion of a brand. Launch of newproducts always seeks the assistance of a press release. Every company organizes a press meet with thehelp of a PRO and calls up both print and television for a promotion.

Ourcontent development team also writes press release for various products andservices. We have been serving both local and national clients for the pastmany years.

Why do you need a press release?

A pressrelease is more like a menu card of an occasion. It highlights the things thatare going to take place in the event. Mainly given to invited journalists whocan go through it at a glance and use it as a reference while framing thestory.

Ourteam has developed some fine set of skills over the years which have given usthe provision to write many press releases for our clients. We understand every requirement and based onthat create the most communication friendly release for our journalism friends.

Social Media Writing

Thereis no doubt on the fact that social media is the most enterprising platform inthe recent years. Every person claims social media to be the most popularmedium for interaction. Now when it seems that new media is creating a bigimpact on people, companies have also started interacting with their customersthrough this platform.

Socialmedia writing is another exclusive service that we offer. Many of our clients haveshown interest in social media platform and we have been successful in creatingvarious social media campaigning for them.

Thisform of writing is completely different from what we know. Social media writingis more about illustrative words and unstructured pattern. The main aim of this writing is to grab theattention of a consumer.

Wewrite for every social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ourteam also handles private account of our clients.

We arenot just into developing content for social media but also prepare an entirestrategy for your promotion.

Copywriting for Digital Advertising

Thereis no better way of promoting a brand apart from an advertising copy. Everybrand survives because of its promotional activities. It is believed that eventhe most popular brand may lose its identity if not positioned properly.

Socialmedia writing is another exclusive service that we offer. Many of our clients haveshown interest in social media platform and we have been successful in creatingvarious social media campaigning for them.

Ourcopy resemblance creativity and brand empowerment. We strive to make the bestadvertising campaign for our clients as we know that nothing can exceladvertising in this competitive world.

SEO Writing

Thereis no alternative of SEO writing in the digital medium. These are mainly used to generate lead forbusiness. Content writing is mainly SEObased and it generates a huge amount of popularity for a brand in the internet.

Our inhouse SEO expert makes sure that all the projects get the best SEO rating. Digital writing as we all know is waydifferent from simple writing in pen and paper. There are certain rules whichneed to be followed like proper word count, use of simple languages and most importantlykeyword based.

Ourmain focus remains on the keywords which are the most important part of SEOwriting. We develop innovative keywordswhich will give every website a better lead in terms of business.

Logo for a brand

ARB Software design logos for various brands and see to it that it develops uniqueness and remains recognized for years.

Types of Logo that we create for our clients

Iconic Logo- These are made with the help of an image or some graphics representing the company and its approach in the market. Every company requires a unique logo which will create a huge impact in the minds of the customers and have a recall value in the later years.

Text- based Logo- There are organizations which prefer text-based logo for their marketing. In this case the name of the company appears in a different manner with more color added to it, and often a texture that creates an impression among the customers.

Illustrative Logo– This logo is all about artistic impression. This consists of a detailed design with a wide spectrum of colors. Illustrative Logos always enhances a great amount of creativity and stand out from the rest.


There are four fundamental elements in a brochure:

  • Size of the brochure which includes the folds
  • Graphics and images used in it
  • Content in the brochure
  • The colors used in the design

Our core design team understands your need and purpose for making a brochure. We study every detail minutely and execute the design in the best possible way.


We have three main categories of template to offer to our clients.

HTML templates– These templates only represent the HTML codes and are required quite often by clients.

PSD (Photoshop) templates– Templates like these contain PSD files with graphics and there are no such codes involved.

Flash Templates– The templates are specially designed in Flash player and deliver an extraordinary look for its animated features.

Our team is considered to have the finest craftsmanship in designing templates for websites.

Info graphics

We at ARB Software have a separate team for creating some outstanding work in Infographics. Every industry needs a proper visualization in managing their work.

What makes us better in creating info graphics?

  • Use of amazing visuals
  • Lucid content for all to understand
  • Use of vibrant colors
  • Proper use of graphical illustrations
  • Pitching a story in a perfect way.

Advertising design

At ARB Software we deliver some of best campaigns for our clients. Our creative team has all the potential to deliver unsurpassed advertising design for you.

Our specialties are:

  • Understanding the brand and its needs
  • Delivering a story with proper representation of graphics
  • Use of creative illustrations
  • Use of wide range of colors to make visuals more appealing
  • Designs that are unique and sellable

Concept designing

Tell us whatyou need and we will deliver you a product with a brilliant concept. At ARB we are also into concept designingfor various clients. Concept designingis very rare to find. But it has some great working dynamics added to it.

The conceptbehind concept designing is very interesting. A huge brain storming sessionneeds to be done in order to achieve a unique concept design. These are mainlydone for brand campaigning.

At ARB we havedelivered some great concept design for various clients which have beenappreciated everywhere.

What makes ARBthe conjurer in conceptualizing a concept?

The mostdistinguishable factor that works with ARB at the time of designing a conceptis ‘OUT OF THE BOX IDEA’. We believe that thinking beyond what is obvious willhelp us to achieve a better work.

Web banners

Web banners are mostly used for promotional purpose. A website with a proper web banner is hard to find but it’s actually a need for every organization undergoing business activities in the digital platform. Just like a newspaper headline which captivates millions of readers to go through the entire story, in the same way, web banners are made to catapult audiences towards the website. Every company aims to make a web banner which is unique and persuasive.

This becomes the main window to a website. If one finds the banner attractive then only he or she can take a look at the other junctures of the website.

We at ARB create some impactful web banners for various clients. Our web designing team has been awarded different kinds of appreciation by people around for creating banners which no doubt gets a huge traffic for a website.

Our approach is very different from the rest. We change our thoughts and concept at the very first step of ideation and that sets everything apart. Our design will make you think twice. For every web banner, there is something new and unique that gets highlighted.


Corporate Identity design

The identity of any corporate gets reflected from various elements like a business card, envelopes, letterhead etc. Our designing team has been successful in designing such items for various corporates in the past and is still now serving many.

What makes us a brilliant team for corporate design?

Our approach to design- With our designing team we have an extremely dedicated R&D team which has master the art of research for every corporate before the designing work starts. The R&D team gives a complete detail about the company and how it has been positioned in the market with their selected TG. The approach of designing is based on the entire research.

Knowledge on brand empowerment- The team highly values the brand empowerment of every client. We believe that there can be nothing other than brand power for any corporate to compete in the market. Our designing also looks on how to improve brand value

Out of the box thinking- We never let our designer sit inside the cubicle and complete the task. Out of the box thinking needs an open space where ideas can get reflected in a better way. Our designers always approach a project with a thought that this one has to an exclusive one with no past references.

Custom Website

Our Custom Web Development Process is unique and the best in many aspects.

We develop Websites under Open Source Licensing which helps in a free upgrade with very little cost involvement.

Work anywhere – Our Web based technology is available from anywhere/any place through internet connectivity.

Completely secured and private – Our Web Development platform is fully secured from any viral infection and penetration by any outside parties.

Responsive Website

Websites that contain responsive Web Design look best on every screen and device. Page widths, colors, fonts, links, text, graphics, and videos are adjusted automatically to match the shape and dimensions of the objects from a television-sized HD monitor to palm-sized smartphone.

As a responsive Design Agency, we design and incorporate Responsive Design in our client’s website and also update existing websites with responsive design.

Dynamic Website

We also develop of dynamic websites. Dynamic sites are interactive interfaces that changess can be made on in real time.

Features of Dynamic Web Design nclude:-

  • a) A complete laid out process right from the start to end of the project(s)
  • b) Professional and unique visual layout
  • c) Quick website loading time
  • d) Easily accessible dashboard
  • e) Ease of manual administration of images, texts and links.

For Startup

Startup companies are now the new strength for the market. There are many startups coming up in major cities of the country and are doing extremely well in different fields. Web development is also required for a start up and that too in a better way. A start-up needs a proper website to showcase its work to the target group.

We at ARB Software also develop websites for startup companies. Already we are dealing with few companies who are about to start their work.

The most important thing about a start-up web development is how unique it has been developed. Every start-up organization needs to create a strong presence in the market and for that, a well-designed website is a need.

Our designing team is very much flexible with the clients demand and this is what makes our team better than the rest. We understand the vision of the client and based on that we develop our work.

For educational institution

We also develop websites for various educations institutions. Even schools and colleges need a well-maintained website for students to know about the various courses and other details. Educational institutions are now very much focused on how to develop their own brand value in the market. Their websites are updated at regular intervals as there are many events happening around.

The website is the face of every educational institution. Starting from the courses, admission fees, study structure, affiliations and also the campus view. Everything gets highlighted through a website.

ARB software has developed several websites for many educational institutes across India. Our primary aim remains to develop a proper platform where students can get all information about a college. We try to develop the site in such a way that creates no hassles for students to go through.

Content Management System

In this segment, content should be constantly updated by installing a CMS in the application. The administrator of the web page can make use of this CMS module to bring changes and updates in various sections of the page.

ARB Software is also doing web development with CMS. Some examples of CMS Web Development are given below. We work in these structures

Word Press- It is the most popular content management system in the entire web development forum. There are various modifications that can be done in Word press. This is the most popular CMS application available for designing a web page.

Joomla- This is another popular CMS. Not like Word press but is equally good in building up a website. Joomla has got a strong community and is quite interesting to use.

Drupal- This is free CMS software which is highly recommended for web development. Many works have been done in Drupal and is highly productive in term of functions.

School App

Our school application is an enterprising platform for both students and teachers. It has been built with a purpose to integrate the education system in an organized way.

The application extends services in an integrated way in the following areas:

  • Online payment of school fees
  • Study materials for all standards
  • Attendance in class
  • Assignments
  • Declaration of results

Insurance App

Even insurance has been an integral part of our daily life. There are innumerable types of insurance available for the customers and with time the companies are introducing various types of offers for a better sale. The insurance industry is surely reaching the top with people doing insurance for everything that they use. The range of insurance that is offered to customers starts from a smartphone till life insurance.

Our newly built insurance software Taameen also has a mobile application format. It is basically an insurance rate engine which gives you a broad idea about different insurance offered by different companies at a time.

One can get to analyze the premium rates for different insurance with the help of Taameen. This App will also help you to buy insurance from different companies operating in the market.

Life insurance or any kind of insurance is very necessary for the recent years. Our App will help you in every possible way to get a brief idea about different kinds of insurance.

Never let anything go in vain. Buy insurance now and with Tameen the process will get even easier.

Hospital App

Medical emergency is a terrifying thing that can take place with any individual. There comes a time when people get utterly confused about what to do. Nothing cost more than a life of an individual.

We are not doctors who can help you to save a life but we are a team who can assist you continuously during any medical emergency. Our hospital App is something new and effective in its own way.

Every smartphone users should have this App as it works in an unbelievable way in any medical emergency. The features of the App are not disclosed over here but one thing needs to be pointed out that one can reach any hospital, any doctor, and any other medical services in no time with this application.

It works faster and can also be installed at any moment from the Google Play store.

Location Tracking App

The location tracking app is somehow helpful at various events.With the innovation in technology, nothing remains impossible in the contemporary age.

Our App development team has built this app to track the location of anyone whom you find is necessary to do. Though people have Google maps yet our application has got some special features which we have customized it only for our own clients.

The location tracking map is in the process of development and is soon to be launched by the team. This app will also be very helpful in tracking public transport in any city.

The major features of this App are:

  • Proper tracking of people and vehicles
  • Showing exact time and distance
  • The maps are accurate with proper landmark
  • Not just main roads but it also shows the alleys


Siemens is another major client for which ARB provides training. The training classes are conducted on various projects of the company and we continue to provide them with best in class suport services. 

Our training center is equipped with state-of-the- art infrastructure which helps the trainees to learn in a better way.



ARB also provides training to HP.The training gets conducted twice every year and till now every session has been successfully completed. The training sessions are conducted on the basis of company’s project and the technology used. 

The last training had a batch of 150 students and over a span of one month, it was a rigorous session. the upcoming training session will start in a few months.

Internship Training

Not just corporate training but ARB Software also provides internship training for students from different colleges. Our internship training programs cover a huge area and have been accepted by many colleges in Kolkata and few outside West Bengal.

ARB mainly provide training to engineering students specializing in IT and computer science. Our training session gets conducted for a period of 45 days which is the normal internship time period in every college.

We provide training on the following platforms:

  • .NET
  • Php
  • Mobile app for both Android and iOS
  • Web designing and development

Some of the colleges which are associated with us are Institute of engineering and management, JIS group of Colleges, Swami Vivekananda Institute of Technology etc.


Nextgen ERP is a cloud based system which caters to diverse industries for their (a) Accounting- routine accounting jobs, costing, overhead allocation, budget preparation and variance check including all GST compliance (b) Inventory- bill of material, economic order quantity, dormant stock analysis, re-order level fixing and others (c) Payroll (d) Production planning/ control and many others.

Nextgen is a versatile software with 100% proven accuracy. Piecemeal or tailor-made systems can also be arranged.


ARB-CRM – A versatile Software which extends the benefit of easy access for users to the details of their a) Now defunct customers b) Existing customers c) Prospective customers. The entire software supports to the user through the following six modules.

  • a) Product Management (Products)
    This Module visualizes corporate Product Management – product introduction to the market, segment wise response received determination of expected business. Details of the introduced products such as stock list, distributors, price band with a details brochure are available in the dropdown menu. Discontinued or new products can always be updated in the system.
  • b) Production Management (Manufacturing)
    This Module extends services to Product Production Management (Manufacturing) which includes work geared toward capacity requirements/availability, process material/labor requirements, variance analysis and report generation of the total utilization.
  • c) Lead Management (Lead source, marketing)
    A complete data base is maintained regarding prospective users of the products generated through tele-calling, personal visits, and other methods. Determination of sales generated, lost sales with reasons are generated.
  • d) Client Management (Assisting the Client in their work)
    Periodic analysis of the Clientele about their performance as to the quantum of business given, profit contribution generated to the Company and other parameters of the performance of the Clients. A Report is generated so that Management can concentrate on the preferred Clients and upgrade the Clients with suitable measures.
  • e) Sales, Purchase & Inventory Management (Generating quotation, Sales order processing, Invoice preparation.
    i) On receipt of sales order delivery date is fixed by checking the inventory level, production capacity availability and other parameters.
    ii) Complete inventory management with fixing re-order level, EOQ and time to time purchase order is generated.
    iii) Invoice generated on the availability of the quantity of the materials and invoice generated on the terms of the order.
  • f) Shipping & logistics Management (Shipping methods, assigned products etc.)
    As per Clients’ Order shipping instructions are issued to the dispatch departmentQ


Our insurance software covers entire Insurance needs of the Corporate Sector / Individuals for their Life & General Insurance (Motor Car, Property, and all more). It is a complete menu driven and as soon as user accesses any point of the system. Full details as to their requirements with all relevant insurance company names, premium rates, and endowments are displayed. Users can take action as to their suitability.

Tailor made facilities are available.

Real Estate

ERP Real Estate has been built with the latest technologies in PHP Platform with the framework-Yiii 2.0 (MVC).

ERP Real Estate Many real estate companies are effectively using ERP Real Estate to successfully complete several tasks . Other services included in this software are:

Project Management – right from the inception of the Project to completion with cost/material usage(Planning – Actual usage – variation analysis)

  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts
  • HR & Payroll
  • And many more


Our education system has a huge paradigm which at times becomes difficult to maintain manually. With this thought in mind, our development team has come up with an educational software which will simplify this completed structure. ARB has developed this particular product for a range of multitasking for students, parents and even for the school.

For parents:

The software will help to pay online fees without any hassles. Parents can easily transfer the fees to the account of the school with the payment gateway of this software. This is easy and much more time-consuming.

For students and schools:

  • The people who will earn the highest profit from this software are the students and the school management.
  • Study materials can be uploaded by the teachers for the students to download it and read it whenever they want
  • Class attendance can be easily marked without any such hassles.
  • Any assignment can be allotted to any student with the help of this software.
  • It has the accessibility of online examination
  • Results can be declared over here.


The transport software by ARB which is already running in few organizations has a lot to offer to every transport business. It will transform the entire working module in a different way and that will be something new and effective for the people who are going to use it.

Some of the features of this software are

  • Billing
  • Keeping records of the labors in a proper format
  • Fixingconsignment

We make sure that this software will help every transport companies to ease out their work a little.

Tours and Travels

One of the most distinguished by ARB is the tours and travel software. The tourism industry is expanding every day with better opportunities for the tourist.

 Now for a tourism company, it might be difficult to handle the entire business without proper software modulation. We at ARB software have prepared customized software for the companies that are expanding their business every day. Our software has been integrated with some exclusive features which will add a great benefit in the working process of the companies.

The software is divided into seven modules:

  • Contract and Inventory Management
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Data Integration
  • Finances and Accounting