Logo for a brand

Logo for a brand

ARB Software design logos for various brands and see to it that it develops uniqueness and remains recognized for years.

Types of Logo that we create for our clients

Iconic Logo- These are made with the help of an image or some graphics representing the company and its approach in the market. Every company requires a unique logo which will create a huge impact in the minds of the customers and have a recall value in the later years.

Text- based Logo- There are organizations which prefer text-based logo for their marketing. In this case the name of the company appears in a different manner with more color added to it, and often a texture that creates an impression among the customers.

Illustrative Logo– This logo is all about artistic impression. This consists of a detailed design with a wide spectrum of colors. Illustrative Logos always enhances a great amount of creativity and stand out from the rest.


There are four fundamental elements in a brochure:

  • Size of the brochure which includes the folds
  • Graphics and images used in it
  • Content in the brochure
  • The colors used in the design

Our core design team understands your need and purpose for making a brochure. We study every detail minutely and execute the design in the best possible way.


We have three main categories of template to offer to our clients.

HTML templates– These templates only represent the HTML codes and are required quite often by clients.

PSD (Photoshop) templates– Templates like these contain PSD files with graphics and there are no such codes involved.

Flash Templates– The templates are specially designed in Flash player and deliver an extraordinary look for its animated features.

Our team is considered to have the finest craftsmanship in designing templates for websites.

Info graphics

We at ARB Software have a separate team for creating some outstanding work in Infographics. Every industry needs a proper visualization in managing their work.

What makes us better in creating info graphics?

  • Use of amazing visuals
  • Lucid content for all to understand
  • Use of vibrant colors
  • Proper use of graphical illustrations
  • Pitching a story in a perfect way.

Advertising design

At ARB Software we deliver some of best campaigns for our clients. Our creative team has all the potential to deliver unsurpassed advertising design for you.

Our specialties are:

  • Understanding the brand and its needs
  • Delivering a story with proper representation of graphics
  • Use of creative illustrations
  • Use of wide range of colors to make visuals more appealing
  • Designs that are unique and sellable

Concept designing

Tell us whatyou need and we will deliver you a product with a brilliant concept. At ARB we are also into concept designingfor various clients. Concept designingis very rare to find. But it has some great working dynamics added to it.

The conceptbehind concept designing is very interesting. A huge brain storming sessionneeds to be done in order to achieve a unique concept design. These are mainlydone for brand campaigning.

At ARB we havedelivered some great concept design for various clients which have beenappreciated everywhere.

What makes ARBthe conjurer in conceptualizing a concept?

The mostdistinguishable factor that works with ARB at the time of designing a conceptis ‘OUT OF THE BOX IDEA’. We believe that thinking beyond what is obvious willhelp us to achieve a better work.

Web banners

Web banners are mostly used for promotional purpose. A website with a proper web banner is hard to find but it’s actually a need for every organization undergoing business activities in the digital platform. Just like a newspaper headline which captivates millions of readers to go through the entire story, in the same way, web banners are made to catapult audiences towards the website. Every company aims to make a web banner which is unique and persuasive.

This becomes the main window to a website. If one finds the banner attractive then only he or she can take a look at the other junctures of the website.

We at ARB create some impactful web banners for various clients. Our web designing team has been awarded different kinds of appreciation by people around for creating banners which no doubt gets a huge traffic for a website.

Our approach is very different from the rest. We change our thoughts and concept at the very first step of ideation and that sets everything apart. Our design will make you think twice. For every web banner, there is something new and unique that gets highlighted.


Corporate Identity design

The identity of any corporate gets reflected from various elements like a business card, envelopes, letterhead etc. Our designing team has been successful in designing such items for various corporates in the past and is still now serving many.

What makes us a brilliant team for corporate design?

Our approach to design- With our designing team we have an extremely dedicated R&D team which has master the art of research for every corporate before the designing work starts. The R&D team gives a complete detail about the company and how it has been positioned in the market with their selected TG. The approach of designing is based on the entire research.

Knowledge on brand empowerment- The team highly values the brand empowerment of every client. We believe that there can be nothing other than brand power for any corporate to compete in the market. Our designing also looks on how to improve brand value

Out of the box thinking- We never let our designer sit inside the cubicle and complete the task. Out of the box thinking needs an open space where ideas can get reflected in a better way. Our designers always approach a project with a thought that this one has to an exclusive one with no past references.