Nextgen ERP is a cloud based system which caters to diverse industries for their (a) Accounting- routine accounting jobs, costing, overhead allocation, budget preparation and variance check including all GST compliance (b) Inventory- bill of material, economic order quantity, dormant stock analysis, re-order level fixing and others (c) Payroll (d) Production planning/ control and many others.

Nextgen is a versatile software with 100% proven accuracy. Piecemeal or tailor-made systems can also be arranged.


ARB-CRM – A versatile Software which extends the benefit of easy access for users to the details of their a) Now defunct customers b) Existing customers c) Prospective customers. The entire software supports to the user through the following six modules.

  • a) Product Management (Products)
    This Module visualizes corporate Product Management – product introduction to the market, segment wise response received determination of expected business. Details of the introduced products such as stock list, distributors, price band with a details brochure are available in the dropdown menu. Discontinued or new products can always be updated in the system.
  • b) Production Management (Manufacturing)
    This Module extends services to Product Production Management (Manufacturing) which includes work geared toward capacity requirements/availability, process material/labor requirements, variance analysis and report generation of the total utilization.
  • c) Lead Management (Lead source, marketing)
    A complete data base is maintained regarding prospective users of the products generated through tele-calling, personal visits, and other methods. Determination of sales generated, lost sales with reasons are generated.
  • d) Client Management (Assisting the Client in their work)
    Periodic analysis of the Clientele about their performance as to the quantum of business given, profit contribution generated to the Company and other parameters of the performance of the Clients. A Report is generated so that Management can concentrate on the preferred Clients and upgrade the Clients with suitable measures.
  • e) Sales, Purchase & Inventory Management (Generating quotation, Sales order processing, Invoice preparation.
    i) On receipt of sales order delivery date is fixed by checking the inventory level, production capacity availability and other parameters.
    ii) Complete inventory management with fixing re-order level, EOQ and time to time purchase order is generated.
    iii) Invoice generated on the availability of the quantity of the materials and invoice generated on the terms of the order.
  • f) Shipping & logistics Management (Shipping methods, assigned products etc.)
    As per Clients’ Order shipping instructions are issued to the dispatch departmentQ


Our insurance software covers entire Insurance needs of the Corporate Sector / Individuals for their Life & General Insurance (Motor Car, Property, and all more). It is a complete menu driven and as soon as user accesses any point of the system. Full details as to their requirements with all relevant insurance company names, premium rates, and endowments are displayed. Users can take action as to their suitability.

Tailor made facilities are available.

Real Estate

ERP Real Estate has been built with the latest technologies in PHP Platform with the framework-Yiii 2.0 (MVC).

ERP Real Estate Many real estate companies are effectively using ERP Real Estate to successfully complete several tasks . Other services included in this software are:

Project Management – right from the inception of the Project to completion with cost/material usage(Planning – Actual usage – variation analysis)

  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts
  • HR & Payroll
  • And many more


Our education system has a huge paradigm which at times becomes difficult to maintain manually. With this thought in mind, our development team has come up with an educational software which will simplify this completed structure. ARB has developed this particular product for a range of multitasking for students, parents and even for the school.

For parents:

The software will help to pay online fees without any hassles. Parents can easily transfer the fees to the account of the school with the payment gateway of this software. This is easy and much more time-consuming.

For students and schools:

  • The people who will earn the highest profit from this software are the students and the school management.
  • Study materials can be uploaded by the teachers for the students to download it and read it whenever they want
  • Class attendance can be easily marked without any such hassles.
  • Any assignment can be allotted to any student with the help of this software.
  • It has the accessibility of online examination
  • Results can be declared over here.


The transport software by ARB which is already running in few organizations has a lot to offer to every transport business. It will transform the entire working module in a different way and that will be something new and effective for the people who are going to use it.

Some of the features of this software are

  • Billing
  • Keeping records of the labors in a proper format
  • Fixingconsignment

We make sure that this software will help every transport companies to ease out their work a little.

Tours and Travels

One of the most distinguished by ARB is the tours and travel software. The tourism industry is expanding every day with better opportunities for the tourist.

 Now for a tourism company, it might be difficult to handle the entire business without proper software modulation. We at ARB software have prepared customized software for the companies that are expanding their business every day. Our software has been integrated with some exclusive features which will add a great benefit in the working process of the companies.

The software is divided into seven modules:

  • Contract and Inventory Management
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Data Integration
  • Finances and Accounting