Our education system has a huge paradigm which at times becomes difficult to maintain manually. With this thought in mind, our development team has come up with an educational software which will simplify this completed structure. ARB has developed this particular product for a range of multitasking for students, parents and even for the school.

For parents:

The software will help to pay online fees without any hassles. Parents can easily transfer the fees to the account of the school with the payment gateway of this software. This is easy and much more time-consuming.

For students and schools:

  • The people who will earn the highest profit from this software are the students and the school management.
  • Study materials can be uploaded by the teachers for the students to download it and read it whenever they want
  • Class attendance can be easily marked without any such hassles.
  • Any assignment can be allotted to any student with the help of this software.
  • It has the accessibility of online examination
  • Results can be declared over here.