Custom Website

Custom Website

Our Custom Web Development Process is unique and the best in many aspects.

We develop Websites under Open Source Licensing which helps in a free upgrade with very little cost involvement.

Work anywhere – Our Web based technology is available from anywhere/any place through internet connectivity.

Completely secured and private – Our Web Development platform is fully secured from any viral infection and penetration by any outside parties.

Responsive Website

Websites that contain responsive Web Design look best on every screen and device. Page widths, colors, fonts, links, text, graphics, and videos are adjusted automatically to match the shape and dimensions of the objects from a television-sized HD monitor to palm-sized smartphone.

As a responsive Design Agency, we design and incorporate Responsive Design in our client’s website and also update existing websites with responsive design.

Dynamic Website

We also develop of dynamic websites. Dynamic sites are interactive interfaces that changess can be made on in real time.

Features of Dynamic Web Design nclude:-

  • a) A complete laid out process right from the start to end of the project(s)
  • b) Professional and unique visual layout
  • c) Quick website loading time
  • d) Easily accessible dashboard
  • e) Ease of manual administration of images, texts and links.

For Startup

Startup companies are now the new strength for the market. There are many startups coming up in major cities of the country and are doing extremely well in different fields. Web development is also required for a start up and that too in a better way. A start-up needs a proper website to showcase its work to the target group.

We at ARB Software also develop websites for startup companies. Already we are dealing with few companies who are about to start their work.

The most important thing about a start-up web development is how unique it has been developed. Every start-up organization needs to create a strong presence in the market and for that, a well-designed website is a need.

Our designing team is very much flexible with the clients demand and this is what makes our team better than the rest. We understand the vision of the client and based on that we develop our work.

For educational institution

We also develop websites for various educations institutions. Even schools and colleges need a well-maintained website for students to know about the various courses and other details. Educational institutions are now very much focused on how to develop their own brand value in the market. Their websites are updated at regular intervals as there are many events happening around.

The website is the face of every educational institution. Starting from the courses, admission fees, study structure, affiliations and also the campus view. Everything gets highlighted through a website.

ARB software has developed several websites for many educational institutes across India. Our primary aim remains to develop a proper platform where students can get all information about a college. We try to develop the site in such a way that creates no hassles for students to go through.

Content Management System

In this segment, content should be constantly updated by installing a CMS in the application. The administrator of the web page can make use of this CMS module to bring changes and updates in various sections of the page.

ARB Software is also doing web development with CMS. Some examples of CMS Web Development are given below. We work in these structures

Word Press- It is the most popular content management system in the entire web development forum. There are various modifications that can be done in Word press. This is the most popular CMS application available for designing a web page.

Joomla- This is another popular CMS. Not like Word press but is equally good in building up a website. Joomla has got a strong community and is quite interesting to use.

Drupal- This is free CMS software which is highly recommended for web development. Many works have been done in Drupal and is highly productive in term of functions.