ARB-CRM – A versatile Software which extends the benefit of easy access for users to the details of their a) Now defunct customers b) Existing customers c) Prospective customers. The entire software supports to the user through the following six modules.

  • a) Product Management (Products)
    This Module visualizes corporate Product Management – product introduction to the market, segment wise response received determination of expected business. Details of the introduced products such as stock list, distributors, price band with a details brochure are available in the dropdown menu. Discontinued or new products can always be updated in the system.
  • b) Production Management (Manufacturing)
    This Module extends services to Product Production Management (Manufacturing) which includes work geared toward capacity requirements/availability, process material/labor requirements, variance analysis and report generation of the total utilization.
  • c) Lead Management (Lead source, marketing)
    A complete data base is maintained regarding prospective users of the products generated through tele-calling, personal visits, and other methods. Determination of sales generated, lost sales with reasons are generated.
  • d) Client Management (Assisting the Client in their work)
    Periodic analysis of the Clientele about their performance as to the quantum of business given, profit contribution generated to the Company and other parameters of the performance of the Clients. A Report is generated so that Management can concentrate on the preferred Clients and upgrade the Clients with suitable measures.
  • e) Sales, Purchase & Inventory Management (Generating quotation, Sales order processing, Invoice preparation.
    i) On receipt of sales order delivery date is fixed by checking the inventory level, production capacity availability and other parameters.
    ii) Complete inventory management with fixing re-order level, EOQ and time to time purchase order is generated.
    iii) Invoice generated on the availability of the quantity of the materials and invoice generated on the terms of the order.
  • f) Shipping & logistics Management (Shipping methods, assigned products etc.)
    As per Clients’ Order shipping instructions are issued to the dispatch departmentQ

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