Area of Operation

Over the years ARB has been focused on and  developing expertise in

  • Software Development
  • Corporate Training

ARB has developed /marketed Software in various domains/platforms. Some of our products are:

Software Development

ARB, over the years, has developed some of the most productive software for various industries. Some of our software products are:

Nextgen ERP

Nextgen ERP is a cloud-based system which supports the diverse industries for their (a)Accounting- routine accounting jobs, costing, overhead allocation, Budget preparation and variance check including all GST compliance (b) Inventory- bill of material, Economic Order quantity, dormant stock analysis, re-order level fixing and others (c) Payroll (d) Production Planning/ control and many others.

Nextgen is a versatile software with 100% proven accuracy. A piecemeal tailor-made system is also arranged.

Point of sale – Restaurant Management.

The Point of Sale – Restaurant Management is a desktop application software which has been built with the integration of latest technological advancements under ASP.NET framework 4.0(MVVM). It provides services for effective Management of Restaurants in the following areas:-

  • Employee Attendance Tracking
  • Available item descriptions
  • Real-Time stock
  • Discount coupons
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Flexible Payment Options – Cash, Credit/Debit Cards etc.
  • Much more

The Software is extremely user-friendly with complete ease of operation.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Transport.

ERP – Transport supports large, medium & small enterprises for transport and logistics services. The ERP system is built on a PHP Platform with Framework – Yii 2.0 (MVC) and databases are created in MySQL 4.7.0.

ERP Transport extends services, in an integrated way, in the following areas:

  • Order processing for execution
  • Consignment Note/Challan generation
  • Arrival Reports of consignment
  • Generation of Bills

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Real Estate.

ERP Real Estate was built with the latest technologies in PHP Platform with the Framework-Yiii 2.0 (MVC).

ERP Real Estate is being effectively used by many real estate companies to successfully complete several tasks. This generally extends services in the areas of:

  • Project Management – right from the inception of the project to completion with cost/material usage (planning – actual usage – variation analysis)
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts
  • HR & Payroll
  • And much more

Corporate Training

ARB imparts training to professionals of corporate sectors in India in various domains/ platforms. Our clientele includes

  • CTS
  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • NIIT
  • Ujjivan

We prepare course materials, arrange trainers from our knowledgeable training staff. Our trainers are best in the field.

The facilities we offer for training operations

  • Very good infrastructure
  • Latest Versions of PC
  • Safe & adequate drinking water and on-demand tea/coffee & Lunch during training period
  • Backed by UPS and high powered generator.

Service Engineers are always present during the training period, any disruption in services during the training period are attended to promptly and satisfactory with the technical expertise of our engineers and good value chain maintained.