Our Products


Enterprise System

WRKPLAN the cloud-based Enterprise solution, was launched in India to serve the small and medium scale enterprises. The Software delivers an optimal combination of hassle free use, cost effective pricing and GST compliant accounting.

Real Estate Management

A web based application presently used by real estate companies in the area of Post-sales management that includes booking by the customers, payment received, interest on late payment, DO generation and more.

Transport Management

The software allows large, medium and small scale enterprises to manage their transport and logistics services. It extends services in an integrated way in the areas of order processing for execution, consignment Note/ challan generation and more.


WrkPlan has been successfully running for over a decade in the USA. Now, a GST-compliant version of WrkPlan is launched for use in India. The India version of WrkPlan is especially designed for effective use by Manufacturers, Service firms and Trading companies.



Regardless of how large, complex or even small your needs are, our dedicated team of project managers and developer always ensure that the assignment gets done with highest level of accuracy and within timeframe and affordable cost.



We develop complex web-based business system with multiple user facilities that connect with CRM, Accounting, Inventory control and other processes.


From a simple mobile application to a leading-edge app, the development team can do it all. Our methodical approach helps clients to define their requirement while the team develops and deploys the application with an enviable UX.


It’s now time to sit back, relax, and monitor your training outcomes! Our fully automated process will track all pre- and post-training activities to completion, with regular updates and reminders at each step of the process to ensure smooth delivery.